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Adobe Lightroom only - learn how to make your photographs look their best

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Speeding along - RAF Tornado - in Lightroom CC by Nick Wilcox-Brown

Many will be familiar with the name Adobe Lightroom, but why use it?

The answer is straightforward - Lightroom is the fastest and most efficient way to make your RAW images look their best, without ‘manipulating’ them. I am a great beleiever in getting pictures right in camera, a legacy from days when I shot colour transparency film for a living. What I shot was what appeared on the printed page, no manipulation. Times have changed, but image authenticity is valued more than ever and for wildlife pictures it is a prerequisite.

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Lightroom CC on a MacBook Pro by Nick Wilcox-Brown

During our time together, we go through colour management, ensuring that what you see on your screen, others will see in print / on facebook or on whatever medium you chose to use.

We then go through Lightroom Classic, or CC, if necessary determinnig and selecting the best option for your needs.

In the course of a day or two, we can start from scratch and get you up, running and confident to process your pictures. If you have some experience of Lightroom, we can speed up your workflow, improve your technique and teach you new tips and tricks to make the whole experience more fluid.

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As shot and after processing in Lightroom Classic - it is all about making pictures look good with the minimum of effort.

We run our Lightroom training near Bristol, UK. Located close to the airport and motorways, we offer single or multi-day workshops, for individuals or groups of up to 10 people.

We have on-site Bed and Breakfast or full board accomodation with en-suite facilites.

Contact us for further information.

Lightomm gradient

A simple gradient can bring light under control or emphasise a key part of the picture - we can teach the basics or the most advanced techniques.

Coombe Lodge, our training location is 20 mins from the M5 / 30 mins from the M4 / 10 mins from Bristol airport

Coombe lodge, Blagdon

Coombe Lodge. Photo by Nick Wilcox-Brown

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