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OM SYSTEM ambassador

Ever since I started using my OM-1 a year ago, I have been extolling its virtues to all and sundry. It is an extraordinarily capable camera, packed into a beautifully light body.

I have used the OM-1s for a wide range of work, including wildlife photography, interiors, products, portraits and macro, together with regular filming projects. It has excelled at all of them.

Over the last year, I have purchased two bodies and a complete set of lenses, from 7-300mm, with multipliers; equivalent to 14-1200, and it all fits in one small backpack. Astonishing.

OM SYSTEM recently asked if I would be prepared to join their ambassador team. Delighted to accept, I am looking forward to future challenges.

Please watch this space.

Available Dates and Places on our holidays

Spanish Birds of Plains and Mountains Jan 10-14th 2024. 1 Place Only

Scotland - Mountain Hares, Red Squirrels, Crested Tits. Jan 26-31 2024. 2 places left

Finland, Raptors in Snow Feb 12-17th 2024. Fully Booked

Poland, Birds and WIldlife April 14-21 2024. Available.

Scotland Birds, Wildlife & Scenery August 26-30th 2024. Available

Finland Autumn Bears and Eagles Sep 24-29th 20204. Only 4 places left.

Uganda African Birds and Wildlife 28th October - 6th November 2024. 3 places left

Finland, Raptors in Snow Feb 26-3rd March 2025. Available

All our day training and bespoke camera / post-production workshops are available as normal.

Our Wild Photography Workshops and Holidays

Wildlife in Scotland
Raptors in Snow
Bears and Raptors in Autumn
OM SYSTEM training
East African Wildlife
Lightroom training
Birds and Wildlife of Eastern Spain
Birds and Wildlife in Poland
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