Wildlife Photography workshop for goshawk eagles black grouse in snow
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Goshawk in Snow

Goshawk feeding. Picture by Nick Wilcox-Brown

Goshawk, Eagles and Black Grouse Lekking on Snow

Working with our partners Finnature, we offer unique wildlife photography workshops and holidays in Finland to photograph these incredible birds in the Finnish Winter. Starting with Goshawk, we will hopefully see Golden Eagles, Sparrowhawk, Eagle Owl and of course, lekking Black Grouse.

Temperatures can drop to -30 degrees centigrade, but we will be warm and safe in heated hides, photographing the birds, without disturbing them.

Guests have pointed out that I have not given enough detail about weather and warmth:

"Finland may be sub-zero, but we have never been cold, not even once".

Finns really know how to keep warm: Villa Finnature is very warm and snug, as are all the hides. The food too is superb, everything is home-cooked to a very high standard with cooked breakfasts and dinners and extremely generous packed lunches and snacks.

The winter landscape is breath-taking with snow-filled christmas card landscapes in every direction. The hides are set in wilderness with absolute silence bar the calls of Ravens, Eagles and Woodpeckers.


Testimonials 2023 / 2024

Our trips are built on a passion for wildlife, birds, photography and a great deal of hard work, to ensure the best possible experience. Our guests recognise this and we've had some lovely feedback. Here are a few that we have received:

"My winter trip to Finland exceeded my expectations. Not only were we able to spend hours watching golden eagles and goshawks close up, plus some other interesting birds, but the organisation, local guiding, company and food were all excellent."

CS February 2024

"I found the informal atmosphere very encouraging and learnt a lot from Nick WB and the more experienced guests."

"A very enjoyable experience that taught me a lot about bird and wildlife photography"

NB February 2024

"My recent trip to Finland was an amazing, unforgettable experience.

My first visit to a snowy land & my first experience of taking photographs in snow, a context which provided many exposure challenges. Nick was always on hand with help & advice about this and anything else. I learned so much & feel much more confident with my camera now. Nick makes the trip relaxed & fun, he is caring & helpful ensuring everyone gets the best experience.

The trip was about finding some hard-to-find northern species. We saw so much: Golden eagles, Eagle owls, Goshawk the stunning Great grey owl & so much more.

I am absolutely delighted with the photos I have come away with, Nick is also very knowledgable with editing the photos ensuring, I got the best from my shots.

The trip was well organised, a good structure & pace, resulting in great results. The hides were warm, comfortable & extremely well thought out to enhance photo opportunities.

Kaisa & Jari, our hosts were so helpful, knowledgable & friendly , we were made to feel very welcome. The villa is warm & homely, with lovely meals.

Travelling as a lady on my own I felt very comfortable at all times.

We were lucky to see the Aurora on our first evening, a wonderful start to a trip that delivered more than I could have hoped for. Would love to do it again."

SB March 2023

"A great trip - combination of superb local guides and hides and an experienced UK wildlife expert to advise on both techniques and post production. What’s not to like!"

RS March 2023

As an add-on - the lady who wrote the first testimonial is re-joining us in Autumn 2024!

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle. Picture by Nick

Workshop Dates

2-7th April 2024 Black grouse, Goshawks and Eagles. Special price £3250. Payment on booking. 4 places available

Blackgrouse fighting on the Lek

Black Grouse fighting on the lek. Picture by Jari Peltomaki


The order may be may be switched around.

Day 1 After flying into Oulo, we arrive at Villa Finnature in time for dinner

Day 2 An early start at the Black Grouse hides (arrive in darkness) before moving to Golden Eagle hide

Day 3 Black Grouse hides followed by Golden Eagle hide

Day 4 Goshawk and Eagle Owl hides

Day 5 Goshawk and Eagle Owl hides

Day 6 Morning in the hide at Villa Finnature with further opportunity for Goshawk, followed by lunch and departure to Oulu airport.

Black Grouse at Dawn

Black Grouse in early morning mist. Picture by Jari Peltomaki

Suitable for photographers with some experience

This Wild Photography holiday will primarily be hide-based and will require a mid-level mirrorless / DSLR camera or better with lenses suitable for high speed and low light photography. You will need a lens with an equivalent focal length of 500mm or more and a mid-level zoom.

Our subjects are wild creatures and to get the shot, you will need some experience. We will be present in the hides and in the field with you at all times to provide assistance as required and to ensure you can get the pictures you want. In the evenings, we offer help with optimising your images to make them look their best.

If you have any questions on cameras or lenses and focal lengths, please call or message us. We are happy to help.

Despite temperatures ranging from zero to -30 C outdoors, you will be warm and comfortable at all times.

Included in your holiday
  • Comfortable warm full board accommodation (no single supplement) with great food
  • use of Finnature's warm and comfortable hides, with guidance or tuition as needed
  • optional Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop / post-production training
  • tea and coffee + snacks / chocolate during the day
  • all transport and guiding
Crested Tit

Crested Tit by guest Charlie Swan

Not Included
  • flights from your location to / from Oulu (OLU)
  • alcoholic beverages
  • personal items
  • personal travel insurance

Book your Photography holiday in Finland

Black Grouse lekking

Why book this holiday with us?

Finland in snow is beautiful and very different from other photographic destinations. The birds we see are entirely wild and at one with their unique environment, making for beautiful and unusual pictures.

Jari Peltomaki is acknowledged to be one of the world's finest bird photographers. The hides have been setup with extreme care and attention to detail to ensure that we get the pictures we want.

Nick is an expert photographer and teacher - with 30 years experience as an advertising and editorial photographer, he has proven ability and the knowledge to help even advanced photographers improve their technique, camera settings and presentation of their photographs.

From camera setup to effective gimbal use through to image processing in software like Lightroom, everyone will take plenty of knowledge away from these trips, together with a set of beautiful pictures.

Much of the holiday is hide-based with no challenging terrain to negotiate.

Cold weather clothing is recommended. We can provide advice on suitable and sensibly priced options.


Aurora borealis behind our well appointed accomodation in Finland. Taken by Nick on our first night in Finland in 2022

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Available Dates and Places on our bird and wildlife photography holidays

Finland Black Grouse, Goshawk and Eagles in Snow 2-7th April 2024 .3 places left

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All our day training and bespoke camera / post-production workshops are available as normal.

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