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White-tailed Eagle by Łukasz Mazurek

Poland offers unique opportunities to photograph wild Eagles, Woodpeckers and Owls together with apex predators like Bears and Wolves and and a huge range of birds that are now scarce or considered rarities in the UK

Eagle Owl in Snow

Elk Moose by Łukasz Mazurek

Holiday Dates

14-21 April 2024. 8 Days. 4-6 people. £2750 Deposit: £350 on booking. 5 places left.

Outline Itinerary

Białowieża Forest is the last remaining primeval forest in the lowland Europe. It covers an area of over 1500 km2 in the tranquil corner of Poland. Saved from logging, this forest became home for hundreds of rare species of birds, insects, mushrooms. Most importantly, it became world’s last refuge for European Bison – the largest land mammal on our continent. Centuries-old trees grow here together in a tremendous variety of habitats making it recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site now visited by thousands from all over the world.

We will spend four nights at a comfortable, family run guesthouse/hotel in a centrally located Białowieża village and go on daily photography walks tracking Wolves, Bison and photographing rarities like White-backed or Three-toed Woodpeckers and Pygmy Owls.

Biebrza Marshes are one of Europe’s last natural lowland river valleys. They cover an area of over 1000 km2 of wetlands, peat bogs and bog forests in the far north-east of Poland. Saved from drainage by the non-intensive local farming, these fragile habitats became home for hundreds of rare species of birds, insects and plants that are now difficult to see anywhere else in Europe. This area also holds a huge population of Elk (Moose), European Beavers as well as a few packs of Wolves and several Lynx.

We will stay here for three nights and go for Elk (Moose) Safari, take a boat cruise down the river watching Beavers and watch some of the world’s rarest birds like Ruffs or Greater Spotted Eagles, depending on the season.

Our local guides are experienced, have access to the best areas and all the recent sightings. Our customers say they are a wealth of knowledge and even fun but best to check it out yourselves. What is more, the eastern Polish traditional landscape with small, wooden houses and locally grown, gorgeous food as well as a short visit at the Warsaw old town will add a unique taste to this tour.

More information

Married to a Pole, I know Poland well. The country has a wealth of wildlife that has long ceased to exist in the UK, with birds and insects in abundance and even apex predators like Wolves and Lynx. In certain areas, Eagles are a common sight.

Despite my knowledge, I do not know the country well enough to lead tours alone, so I am delighted to be working with Łukasz and Tomasz (Lucas and Thomas) of WildPoland who have an enviable reputation.

Normally WildPoland work with bigger groups - we have negotiated an exclusive small group trip with 4-6 people, meaning that everyone will get a say in what they want to see and recieve all the help and assistance they may need with their pictures.

Suitable for photographers of all levels

This holiday will primarily be be on foot and in vehicles and will require a mid-level mirrorless / DSLR camera or better with lenses suitable for low light photography. You will need a lens with an equivalent focal length of 300mm or more, ideally 500mm.

Our subjects are wild creatures and a little experience will help. We will be present with you at all times to provide assistance as required and to ensure you can get the pictueres you want. In the evenings,we can offer help with optimising your images to make them look their best.

If you have any questions on cameras or lenses and focal lengths, please call or message us. We are happy to help.

Hawk Owl

Beavers are a regular site in Poland

Included in your holiday
  • comfortable warm accommodation
  • all meals
  • all transport and guiding
  • refreshments during the day
  • optional Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop / post-production training
Not Included
  • flights from your location to / from Warsaw
  • alcoholic beverages
  • personal items
  • personal travel insurance
Is this trip for me?

This tour can be intensive and requires basic fitness to walk for several hours a day. On average, we will walk between 2–12 km a day, divided between 2–3 walks, at a moderate speed of 3–4 km/h. NE Poland is generally flat so hills are not a problem. Most of the time we will walk on decent tracks but we may walk short distances off trails on uneven terrain where you are likely to get your boots wet and muddy.


We will spend 7 nights at a comfortable family run guesthouse or a hotel, depending on availability and distance to the best sites at a given time to save on driving. All accommodation is based on single / twin-share, with private facilities (we will clarify details before booking). Please note that some of our guesthouses have dogs and cats and may not be suitable if you have a severe allergy.

All the venues serve delicious traditional Polish food. Breakfasts are a hearty continental treat with cold meats, eggs and fruit that can set you up for the day. We will take packed lunches to eat in the field or take a midday break at a local cafe. In the evenings we will once again dine at our guesthouse.

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