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I am no longer a Canon owner. After 32 years


When my OM-systems OM-1 arrived in March, something clicked.

With it came a 12-40mm f2.8, a mint 300mm lens and a new 1.4x converter. Effectively 600mm at f4, 840mm at f5.6. A Canon 600mm f/4 is £13,000 for lens only. I paid less than £4,000 for a new body, a 24-80mm f2.8 equivalent and the mint 300m lens with converter.

But, this is not about value for money.

The OM-1 produces exquisitely detailed images. The lenses have a beautiful bokeh. Autofocus performance for birds in flight exceeds both the Canon R6 and R5, arguably the Sony A1.

What is not to like?

I worked closely with Canon for nearly 20 years and Canon cameras have captured many of my finest pictures. I am proud to have many dear friends there, but the industry has changed, irreversibly.

Photography is a hobby but for a few. People call themselves ‘photographers’ with no understanding of what it means. What it takes to deliver professional images to demanding clients. To work all night on product shots for immediate release. To be up before dawn for a car shoot, the mist so thick the cars are mere ghosts. The art director is stamping her feet. The shoot must go on.

The OM-1 is very small, very mighty. High Res Stills up to 80Mp. Action up to 120 fps. 4k RAW movies at 60fps. All for a tiny sum.



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