Wild Photographer Bookshop by Nick Wilcox-Brown
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Snow Geese

The Bookshop of the Wild

Books are a very personal choice, but there are a few here that may be considered essential reading

I have a very wide collection of Bird, Wild and Photography books in my own collection. Here I have shared a few of those , together with some I think are essential for anyone with an interest in Birds, Nature and 'Wild' in general.

These books are all stocked and facilitated by Bookshop.org, a relatively recent arrival in the world of online bookselling, but with a new approach: unlike Amazon, they pay their full share of taxes for all sales, but better stil, they also help local bookshops by providing them with a no-cost online prescence, together with 30% commission on ever sale. Truly ethical!

As I do not own a physical bookshop, I get a tiny commision from each sale, around 10% which I justify by the time and effort that has gone into compiling this selection of books and keeping it up-to-date and relevant.

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there are over 85 titles to choose from
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