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We are a very small, tightly focused company, specialising in Bird and Wildlife Photography holidays, finding the birds you want to see, helping you to improve your photography and enabling you to capture the pictures you want.

No matter what your Birding or Photographic skill level, we are here for you; ready to deliver wonderful experiences that will remain with you, and a photography 'tool kit' that will give you the skills you need to achieve your ambitions.

Our Holidays

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Relaxed Birds, Wildlife and Scenery

We visit locations across the Highlands of Scotland to see iconic species of Birds and Wildlife and the outstanding landscapes they inhabit.

Birds & Wildlife in East Africa

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime in the national parks of Uganda, seeing and photographing birds and animals you have only dreamed of.

Landscapes in Colour or Black and White

Scotland has some of the finest landscapes in the world. Join us for a relaxed tour to capture them and make your friends jealous.

Birds and Raptors of Spain

Spain has a huge range of habitats and a list of bird species to match. Vultures, Eagles, Cranes and an amazing range of waterbirds.


Our trips are built on a passion for what we do and a great deal of hard work, to ensure the best possible experience. Our guests recognise this and we've had some lovely feeback. Here is just some that we have received:


I love taking photos of wildlife. Have done for many years but felt I needed to learn a bit more about getting a better photo. This trip really lived up to the expectations.


The tuition was delivered expertly by Nick who has an obvious passion for photography, wildlife and the environment. Within a few hours my photography had improved immensely


What I really enjoyed about the course was the small group. You got a lot more attention and help than what you would have had in a big group.


Great week of high quality photography mentoring from Nick Wilcox-Brown


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Breeding Fulmars on the Moray coast of Scotland.

Not the easiest bird to photograph in flight as they are fast and agile. Captured with an EOS R6 camera with the RF800mm f/11 IS lens




The elegance of a Gannet in flight is hard to beat.

After a week spent filming them for Springwatch a few years back, the Gannet is one of my favourite birds.

This bird was part of a large breeding colony on the Scottish coast, one of our stops on the WildPhotographer tour of the Scottish highlands. The sight, sound, and the smell, were unforgettable.

Breeding Gannets



So many pictures of Gannets, which to chose?

Taken after my guests had headed home, a day day with Gannets, Fulmars and Guillemots was a relaxing treat and a chance to properly try out @canonuk ‘s latest RF100-500mm L series zoom.

Summer Ptarmigan



Delighted to see a pair of Ptarmigan on Cairngorm today

The reason for the male’s display soon became obvious - a very good-looking female!


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