Expert post-production training on Lightroom and Photoshop with Nick Wilcox-Brown

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Training

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Post-production training

Personalised post-production training on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop with Wild Photographer


Expert Support for Lightroom and Photoshop

A Lightroom demonstrator for Adobe in the UK and a member of Adobe's expert pre-release testing team globally, Nick can help both beginners and advanced users to use these prgrams more efficiently and to achieve the results they want. From simple image fixing to generative fill, there is enormous scope to make your images look their best, on screen and in print.

If you want to learn these programs, learn from the best.

For Wildife and Landscape photography, we consider that Adobe Lightroom Classic or Lightroom tick all the boxes for editing, optimising and colour grading your images. Lightroom CC also stores your images in the Cloud for easy access across all your devices.

For some, Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool - we can help to streamline your workflow, saving you time with edit and giving you time to take the pictures you love.

To get the best from either of these tools, you need colour managment in place - ensuring that others see your images and their colours as you intend. Working with Calibrite (formerly X Rite) we know the tools that will help to calibrate your screen, proejector, even your printer if needed.

Give us a call to talk through options. 01761 856070

Lightroom on Mac

Adobe Lightroom running on a colour-calibrated MacBook Pro

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all photography instruction and we feel the same about editing and processing pictures, aka ‘Post-Production’. There are plenty of great resources out there and, if you have the time to weed through it all, you can find good information. But in today’s hectic world, few of us have the time or inclination to spend valuable time sitting in front of a computer screen, searching.

Even if we do have the time, it isn’t the best way to learn.

We learn best by doing, and we think that the most effective and lasting learning comes from working one-on-one or in a small group with an expert who has taken the time to understand the specific needs of each person.

We believe:

  • things need to be fun.

  • training needs to be well-paced and personalised

  • practice is more important than pure learning

  • small bite-sized lessons make everything easy

Many have joined us over the past few years, asking for photography training only as they ‘already know their way around Lightroom’. In every case they have come away having learned plenty.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility. We are happy to work with your diary and can schedule sessions at the time and place of your choosing. That includes early mornings, late evenings, weekends, or even holidays.

Let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

Heard enough?

Ready to get started?

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As shot picture of Caspian Tern Optimised image of Caspian Tern

Before and after view of a quick Lightroom optimisation of a picture for publication. It is not a simple matter of lightening the image, as that will lose sky colour. Additionally, subject detail needs to be maintained or enhanced

Photoshop training

We also run Photoshop training


1:1 in person training £350/day incl light lunch, refreshments.

1:1 remote training via Zoom £55/hr Bite sized lessons to get you up and running

More than 1 person? We offer a discounted rate of £225/person for small groups. Larger groups by negotiation

Everything is flexible - let's chat about what works for you?

Give us a call: +44(0)1761 856070


Nick works hard to deliver concise, helpful training to allow guests to work quickly and intuitively with their cameras and software. He has had some lovely feedback:


I very much valued the time spent with Nick, drawing on his experience and expertise in using Lightroom. Nick has a great way of sharing his in-depth knowledge in an easy and relaxed way of which I hugely benefited from.

D. Staley April '23


Being fairly new to photography I knew only a little about editing so we went through what to do from beginning to the end.
We decided that I was on the wrong plan, so Nick helped getting me changed over to the correct plan and sorting it all out. Now that did take a bit of time and things did not go according to plan especially after I got home, but Nick was there on the end of the phone, helping me over a period of a few days getting things sorted.

So would I recommend a day out or workshop with Nick? The answer is yes, 110% yes. With the few problems we had with the lightroom change over, Nick went that extra mile and some to make sure that I was all sorted and happy, what more could you ask?

RS Nov '23


Thank you so much for a fantastic time.

We very much appreciate all your hard work and wealth of knowledge. It was hugely enjoyable and we also feel as though we have learnt an incredible amount.

We’re so pleased with the images we looked at this afternoon and feel confident with post processing and using the presets. I was amazed by the results I achieved with the OM1 and J is still buzzing at the capture of the murmuration!

We really can’t thank you enough and hope that we will soon meet up again.

J & J Nov '23 (mix of Lightroom and OM-1)


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All our day training and bespoke camera / post-production workshops are available as normal.

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