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For the Love of Spain


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Lammergeier or Bearded Vulture

I'm just back from Eastern Spain with a small group.

The whole trip was organised by my friend Al from Ebro Delta Birding. Everything was beyond our expectations, a sunset murmuration, an Osprey grappling with a Yellow-legged gull, Booted-Eagle, Marsh Harriers, Kingfishers, Flamingos, Glossy Ibis by their thousands and Sardinian and Dartford Warblers.


Osprey harassed by Yellow-Legged Gull


Flamingos are a regular site around the Ebro Delta


Kingfisher beside the River Ebro


Finally we sat and chatted with 100 Griffon Vultures and vulture conservation hero Manu Aguillera.

Did I mention the Lammergeier? The Golden Eagle 10m above us on a pylon, or its 3 family members that gave us fly-bys?


Overall an awesome experience. My guests horoughly enjoyed it too - one is already asking about rejoining us in late May, when I will be taking another group to Eastern Spain. By that time, the Bee-eaters and other exotics will have arrived.

If you are interested in joining us, please call or message me.


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