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Was that a Goshawk?


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Was that a Goshawk?

I'm sitting in the garden, enjoying a well-earned drink when I see a Buzzard drifting over. Then I spot the tail, elongated with some banding.

Doubts assail me.

In cases like this, there is only one remedy: Dick Forsman's definitive guide to flight identification of Raptors. Beautfully illustrated with hundreds of clear photographs, descriptive, helpful text, it is even better than my default (and favourite) WILDGuides' European Birds.

If you want a copy, it is beautfully produced, but not cheap at around £45.

Flight Identification of Raptors

Bookshop.org helps bookshops all over the UK and pays all it taxes, unlike amazon. The book covers Raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

To answer my own question - it was the juvenile Female Sparrowhawk that I saw early this morning.

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