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Winter Raptors in Finland 2024


Our journey stated at 51 Degrees North, +9 degrees centigrade, ended near the Arctic Circle at a chilly 65 Degrees North and -26 degrees, in Oulu, Finland

Quite the change, or not so much...?

One of my guests specifically requested that if I were to write about this workshop, I should make it clear that the guests were always warm and comfortable, in a heated hide, in a warm minibus or in the extremely warm and comfortable Villa Finnature, being fed delicious local food.

Feb 2024 Guests in Finland

Golden Eagle by Nick Boon

Our workshop was all about photographing magnificent Raptors in the snow and that objective was certainly achieved, but everyone ended up just a little bit rounder after some magnificent home cooking, plenty of snacks and a fish restaurant that will long be remembered.

Feb 2024 Guests in Finland

There were five guests on this trip, with a wide range of experience and equipment including OM System, Canon and Nikon; it helped to keep me on my toes and my knowledge up to date. You can see them all with our brilliant guide Lauri, standing outside Villa Finnature in deep snow. There was no shortage of snow at any point and we were glad of studded tyres and four wheel drive.

Back to the Birds! The extreme cold changed things from our previous trips. We couldn’t find Great Grey or Hawk Owl and the Eagle Owl visit was very short. On the other hand, we had some extraordinary experiences with Golden Eagles and Goshawk together with the beautiful Jays, Yellowhammers, Crested Tits and more. The workshop guest's images can tell the story.

Goshawk detail

Goshawk by Dave Clark


Goshawk by Jan Bird


The Golden Eagle Hide


View from the Eagle Owl Hide

Crested Tit takeoff

Crested Tit by Charlie Swan

Testimonials are really important to me, helping to reassure potential guests that I deliver what is promised. Some are shorter, others longer. I really appreciate the kind feedback; it is so important that people enjoy the experiences we try so hard to deliver.


This was my first solo trip abroad, 5 photographers brought together by the passion of wildlife. We all have doubts, but from the first contact by phone to Nick, the anxieties disappeared.

The Villa was so warm and cosy, with a "hang out" area for everyone to share thoughts and ideas, along with laughter. Laurie ( our Finnature guide) and Nick both making everyone feel so relaxed and comfortable.

With nature there are never any guarantees, so in essence everything is a bonus, Nick / Laurie were on hand to give out expert advice, from settings, to how to set shots up, also trying variations for getting different effects.

The cooked breakfast / dinners, to the locations used, you could not ask for anything more, it was perfect.

So if like me, you're thinking of doing one of these trips but not sure, speak to Nick, you will then enjoy it as much as I did.

DC Feb 2024


"I found the informal atmosphere very encouraging and learnt a lot from Nick WB and the more experienced guests."

"A very enjoyable experience that taught me a lot about bird and wildlife photography"

NB Feb 2024


"My winter trip to Finland exceeded my expectations. Not only were we able to spend hours watching golden eagles and goshawks close up, plus some other interesting birds, but the organisation, local guiding, company and food were all excellent."

CS Feb 2024

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Thank you

To Lauri Mantere for excellent guiding, advice and safe driving. The kind testimonials belong to both of us; you made this workshop special.

To the lovely Pirita, Irene and Kaisa at Finnature for your part of the organisation and to Finnature for the great facilities.

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